Sunday Hotel Rhodes – How to get the best price!

Here in Sunday Hotel Rhodes we are committed to give our guest the best value for their holidays! Also we make sure every year that Sunday Hotel Rhodes is available through a huge network of partners so that our friends can find the best value for money. Both online and through traditional operators Sunday Hotel Rhodes is available in package deals from all major European cities, so that you can always find a good deal for your holiday.

Our booking engine is simple, fast, reliable and secure. You can try it right here! Just select your dates below.

You don’t have exact dates yet? Then read on!

How to find the Best Deal!

First of all find out the dates you want to travel and determine the budget you want to have during your holidays. Then check on our website to find out what is the best room type for you! Rooms have been renovated in 2018 and they are designed to offer an elegant and comfortable Stay. Here is a quick preview of our rooms.

Studios – Ideal for couples!

Apartments – Great for families and groups of friends.

Maisonettes – Excellent for sharing with friends.

Once you know what room type you want to book then all you have to do is find your flights. Simple right? Well… not really. Air Ticket prices are often the largest part of the cost of a holiday. In fact if you find a cheap flight to Rhodes you are almost guaranteed to get a cheap room too!  To book the best price for Sunday Hotel Rhodes you should follow this simple rules:

  • If the tickets seems expensive find a package deal
  • If the package is expensive then look for alternative dates

Should I book online or through a travel agent?

If you have found your flights already, then booking your room directly with us means that there is no commissions that would otherwise be included when booking from one of the many sites that you could find us. So it is normally the best option! Otherwise definitely check the available packages holidays from one of our many partners.

However travelling is all about the experiences and most people like to share their experiences! Booking us on one of our partners online many times means that you can write a review and share it with the rest of the world. In fact many of our beloved guests have long list of reviews and they are proud of them. We also have a long list of reviews online and we are definitely proud of them. So if you book us online please give us a review and let the world know what you loved about the Sunday Hotel in Rhodes!

How to book Sunday Hotel directly!

To make a booking on our page and save up to 25% just follow these easy steps:

  1. Visit our website
  2. See available rooms and rates
  3. Select dates and click the book button
  4. Enter your details
  5. Choose payment method
  6. Get instant confirmation email

Still too complicated for you?

No worries!

Just send us an email at or call us on +306936860326 and we will be happy to help you make a booking with us!

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